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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Long Way to Go...

Being an ultra runner can be a lonely existance. We spend hours and hours running alone, in the woods, on trails, way up on some mountain, in some remote location. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'm just illustrating that it can be difficult to chat with people about the excitement, freedom, pain and suffering that often accompanies us on the trail. So we blog...

As I type this blog, Jo and I are making lists and deciding what we need to do to get ready for our trip to Leadville, Colorado. This is our first cross country trip, specifically for a race. I'll be running the Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Ultra next weekend. There's alot of things to do for a trip of this magnitude.

This is an important race. Not because 50 miles is a big deal, but because Leadville is a BIG deal. It's iconic in my sport and it's an historic race. It's also important to me because I plan to do the Leadville 100 mile race in August and this race will help me prepare for the longer distance. This will give me a chance to test myself at 10,000-12,000 feet of elevation. I can test hydration, nutrition, and most importantly, race strategy. It's a huge opportunity to learn and prepare. It will also give my crew/race manager/wife, some experince supporting me during my run through the Rocky Mountains. Her role is as critical as mine.

I go into this adventure with confidence, but also with an open mind and a humble heart. I embrace the challenge and can't wait for the race to begin. No matter what happens, it will be an amazing adventure that we will never forget.

Stay tuned for details!


  1. Hey man- great idea to start a blog! you have had so many great adventures in your short time of running! not just in racing, but in training too! I cant wait to hear more about some of the ones you have already done, and looking forward to reading about the ones you are about to embark on! I am, by far, most excited about sharing some of these experiences and adventures! Happy trails!

  2. Love this!! You know I share your love for writing, and I am learning to share your love for running...one baby step at a time. I have been enjoying hearing about all of your races from Jo's stand point on facebook, and I am excited knowing that I will now be able to hear/read your take on all of this. :) I sure do love you guys, and cannot wait for OUR race together (my very FIRST) in Luray!! :)