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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in Review!!!

2011 was my first full year of running, and quite frankly, I was a bit of a pig about it. I ran races that I probably had no business running and I did it all in an injury inducing time frame...minus the injuries. In all seriousness, I never honestly believed I would accomplish everything on my wish list for 2011. I vowed to run hard until I couldn't take it any longer, or until I was too broke down and injured to continue. But that time never came...so I just ran.

2011 BLING!!!!

I was able to enjoy some truly epic experiences this year, all of which I shared with my wife and many of our running friends. This sport has an almost magical way of bonding people together and I have developed friendships this year that I know will last a lifetime.

I had no particular goals in mind when I began the year. I just wanted to run "MORE". During my running journey this year, I realized I have developed a rather solid distaste for road races, especially road marathons. I also learned that I don't like triathlons. Not triathlons really...just competitive biking and swimming. I also learned that I have a decent knack for running great distances and that I tend to recover very quickly.

All of these lessons will be used for shaping my 2012 race plan. Good stuff!

I still have one more run to complete for 2011, but I have compiled my statistics assuming that last run will be 5 miles long (I'm planning for 10). My 2011 numbers came out like this....

All Running:
Total Miles for 2011 = 2572
Avg. Miles per day = 7.05 (365 Days)
Total Running Days = 330
Total Rest Days = 35
Avg. Miles per Run Day = 7.79

All Racing:
Total Races Ran = 41
Total Miles Raced = 1117
Avg. Distance Raced = 27.24
Total Marathons = 11
Total Ultras  = 13
Total PR's = 22

I'm a numbers guy, so I find those stats interesting. The most interesting thing to me is my average distance raced. Despite having several short races on my calendar, I still managed to keep the average above the marathon distance.

I think a quick recap and summary of the races is appropriate...

1/7/11- My year started off with the Disney race weekend. I ran the 5K on Friday, the Half Marathon on Saturday, and the Full Marathon on Sunday. I was drawn to this because at the time, it sounded pretty bad ass. And I had never done any back to back races in the past, so I thought it would be worth a shot.

1/30/11- Next on my list was the ING Miami Marathon. Why? I have no idea...Not a great race, not a bad one either.

2/12/11- The Dances with Dirt 50K was my second ultra ever and I really enjoyed this race. I ran it in 5:11 and that 50K PR still stands today. I suspect that's a result of running in Florida versus up north.

2/20/11- The Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon. This race kinda sucked...it was HOT and run mostly on the highway without any cover. Not a fun day...but I finished feeling good!

3/6/11- The Hooters to Hooters Half Marathon was a blast! Free beer and wings at the finish. You can't beat that. I ran this race with Jo and we both had a great time.

3/19/11- HAT 50K is a somewhat difficult race. It's very popular in the region and it fills up quickly. This was my most challenging race up to that point and it punished me.

4/9/11- The Garden Spot Village Marathon is run in Amish country in Lancaster County PA. and is a pretty cool, low key race. But it's very hilly. I had fun with it, but it was a challenge.

4/23/11- The Mount Penn Mudfest is a challenging 15K trail race. It was cold and raining this year, but I loved it. Jo and I both ran and had a great time with great friends!

4/30/11- The Delaware Trail Triple Crown Marathon is a beautiful race and my first trail marathon. I enjoyed the race and venue so much, I'll probably keep coming back every year. A very good event!

5/7/11- The Frederick Half Marathon was a fun race that Jo and I ran together. It's her hometown, so she was excited to be running this event. She set a PR that day and it still stands. This was also the first race in the Maryland Double. By running Frederick and Baltimore, we got extra swag!

5/14/11- The Dark and Dirty 6.66 mile trail race is run at night. It was raining and nasty out, but we had a great time. The beer stop at the 4.5 mile mark always cheers us up!

5/15/11- I ran the Bob Potts Marathon the day after Dark and Dirty. This meant we had to leave the race in Reading at 11:00 at night, drive to York, get to bed, and wake up 3 hours later to run this marathon. That would have made for a marginal race by itself, but on top of all that, it's really just a crappy race. It's a very boring out and back on a "rail-to-trail" project, very flat, and very mind numbing. Just my opinion...

5/22/11- The Dirty German 50 Mile trail race was my first attempt at running beyond the 50K. I really enjoyed this race and think it was a perfect selection for my first 50. (Me and my buddy Derek Schultz)

5/29/11- I ran the Charlie Horse Half Marathon. This is a trail race. A difficult, wet, muddy, trail race. I was devoured by deer flies, ran too hard, and lost 2 toenails. So yeah...it was a pretty awesome race!

6/4/11- The Naples Tri was the first of 4 that were on my race schedule. Jo and I both did this event and it was her first triathlon. We both had a great time and finished well. I was super proud of her for doing this race!

6/11/11- A week after the Naples Tri, I was back in PA and ready to tackle the most challenging race of my life. The Laurel Highlands 77 Mile Trail Race. This event stands out as the coolest race I have ever run on the east coast as still among my favorites. I loved this event, but it was truly brutal. An epic race!

6/25/11- The Philly Tri was triathlon #2 on my 2011 schedule. It was a fun race, except for swimming in one of the most polluted rivers in the country.

6/26/11- The day after the Philly Tri, I ran the Half Sour, Half Kraut Marathon. This was a mildly entertaining event, but not one that I will likely do again.

7/2/11- We camped out in the woods in New York for the Finger Lakes 50 Mile Trail Race. We were joined by several friends that were also running this race. Finger Lakes is a pretty challenging course, but I really enjoyed it. I will most likely return n 2012.

7/10/11- The Double Trouble 15K trail race was a lot of fun. I ran very easy during this race because my upcoming races dictated cautious behavior. This is fun event, made better by all our friends that were there that day!

7/17/11- The Leadville 50 had my stomach in knots! This race is at high altitude and has a lot of ascent! I was running it as part of my scouting mission for the 100. I loved this race and the course is totally amazing. I will be back!

7/23/11- The New Jersey State Tri was #3 of 4 for the year. I had a lot of fun with this race, but began to realize these triathlons were little more than a distraction.

7/30/11- The Catoctin 50K is a stupid race. It's designed to be stupid.

8/7/11- The NYC Tri is my final taste of this sport. It's a very cool race, but triathlons are just not my thing. Jo and I spent the weekend in Manhattan and really enjoyed the experience.

8/20/11- The Leadville 100 was my first 100 mile race. What can I say about an event like this? It was amazing! It still stands as the coolest thing I have ever done and I can't wait to get back. It's such an epic race.

9/4/11- Labor Pains was my first ultra in 2010 and it was a life changing experience. So I returned this year and ran all day with great friends. I love this race and I love the entire experience.

9/17/11- Revenge of the Penguins is a 20 mile race on dirt and gravel roads. I ran this race hard and had a great time.

9/18/11- Jo joined me to run the Philly Rock and Roll Half. Despite running a hard 20 miler the day before, I set a new PR and had fun.

9/24/11- I ran the Trails for Tails 40 Mile trail race with my buddy Paul Peters. We had a great day of running. Paul finished in 2nd overall and I was 5th! A fun, low key race!

9/25/11- The day after Trails for Tails, I joined my buddy Leon to run the Conestoga 10 mile trail race. This race is billed as the "toughest 10 miler". It is tough. And it should be billed as "A pretty damn tough hike", cuz that's what it really is. I didn't have fun during the race, but loved spending time with a great friend.

10/2/11- The Blues Cruise 50K is a great local ultra. I ran hard in hopes of breaking my 50K PR from the Dances with Dirt race, but I fell short. But I still had a blast!

10/8/11- I ran the Festival of Leaves 5K with my wife, her mother, sister and 2 nieces. It was a lot of fun to share that with all of them, and surprisingly I took and AG award.

10/15/11- I ran the Baltimore Marathon as a matter of revenge. It was my first ever marathon and it almost killed me in 2010. So I came back, ran hard, and set a new marathon PR. Good times! Jo ran the Half as well.

10/16/11- After finishing Baltimore, we drove to Syracuse NY and I ran the Empire State Marathon. Because of my hard race the day before, I ran easy and just enjoyed the run. It was a fun race!

10/23/11- I ran the Tussey Mountainback 50 and really enjoyed it. The scenery is beautiful and the race is well managed. It was a great time, and new 50M PR!

10/30/11- Gettysburg Blue and Grey Half Marathon happened to fall the day after an unusually early snowfall. The race was bitterly cold. Jo and I both ran it, enjoyed it, but didn't stick around long after we finished. But it is a cool race.

11/12/11- I ran the Javelina Jundred down in Arizona as my 2nd 100 mile race. This race was a great time! The course isn't overly challenging, but still far from easy. While it isn't as epic as Leadville, it is a pretty awesome event! I finished well under 24 hours, which awarded me the "BIG" buckle at the finish!

11/20/11- I ran the Philly Marathon only because its a "hometown" race. By now, I knew I was going to stop running road marathons and wanted to do this event before that happened. It was a fun race and I'm happy I did it. But I won't be doing it again.

12/4/11- The Pam Beach Marathon was my final race for 2011. I ran this race last year and wanted to run it again because it was small, low key, and had a beautiful course. I ran my guts out and scored a new PR. A great way to end the year!

2011 was an amazing year! I learned a lot about running, I spent a lot of great time with Jo, and I made a ton of great friends in the process. It was a life changing journey and I wouldn't change a thing.

2012 is going to an amazing ride!

Happy Trails!


  1. Wow, that's one heck of a year! Look forward to reading about what you tackle in 2012!

  2. What an amazing year of racing! Michael & I were glad that the two of you made it to Syracuse for the Marathon and hopefully you'll include it in your 2012 schedule. Look forward to following your blog in the New Year!

  3. If you ever reach the point that a 100-miler isn't a challenge anymore, you should try running one with all of that hardware around your neck. Based on that photo, that's gotta be a 25-pound handicap...and well earned. You're an inspiration and, better yet, just a damn fine fellow. Good times await in 2012, my friend, and I look forward to tackling some of those times together.

  4. My head is still spinning trying to keep up with your races - one right after another...great job!

  5. I thought I had a busy year. But compared to everything you accomplished, my year looks like preschool!

    Incredible job pushing the boundaries. I remember seeing you at Javelina. Here's to an awesome 2012!

  6. That's awesome man....my 2012 looks similiar to your 2011. I hope my body holds up as well as your's did. I am from the DC area and have a few ultra's on my calendar for 2012 that you completed in 2011. I will keep my eye out for your name on the entrants list. Good luck out on the trails.